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 Character List & Combat Rules

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Character List & Combat Rules Empty
PostSubject: Character List & Combat Rules   Character List & Combat Rules EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 5:53 am

Ponyville RP: New Beginnings - Character List:
Greetings RPers!  Welcome to the “New Beginnings” official character list.  

This thread has one purpose and one purpose only: to be a quick reference guide in regards to any and all player characters. It is here you will post your character details. Specifically, what is required of you--the RPer--are your pony’s physical attributes:

Age group
Coat color
Mane color & Style.
Eye color
Cutie mark & talent.  
(A picture is highly encouraged.)

As well, please include your chosen text colour.

Beyond that, you can add other details at your leisure--some brief background history, personality traits, etc., etc., etc.

And don't forget the combat type the character is specialized in! Be it Strength, Speed or Skill!

Additional note" Strength beats skill, skill beats speed, and speed beats strength. These will be called your character's 'combat types'. If two combat types clash, it must end in a draw. You can make the fight as big and flashy as you want, but in the end, the character with the advantage must win. As for the environment and circumstances of the fight, the character simply must be 'defeated', not 'killed' ((Unless the owner wish for it))

Please note--an example of said character details will be posted immediately after this.  For cleanliness and ease of understanding, please stick to that convention.  As well, please write it in a grammatically correct format.

When you have posted your character here, it will be added to the hot links directory at the bottom of this post--for any and all players to brief themselves on a character they are about to meet in the RP.  This is to simulate that normally you would ‘see’ a fellow player’s character and know what they look like, rather than forcing each player to constantly describe themselves.

PS, on a personal note: Sometimes it's hard for me to monitor everything, so please send me a reminder if I forgot to add/remove a character's name. Thank you. - Faxxy
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Character List & Combat Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character List & Combat Rules   Character List & Combat Rules EmptyFri Sep 12, 2014 3:16 pm

Age: 18
Name: Kylie
Gender: Female
Race: A winged fox
Appearance: Kylie is a large (pony sized) fox with white fur and a pair of feathered wings. Her fur has black highlights around the eyes and on her ears, though a stripe going down her chest and over her belly starts at her lower lip and ends on the base of her tail. Her eyes are icy blue. She looks fierce and dangerous although moving with grace and being very agile, like a cat. She does not have a mane. She has a lot of scars on her left foreleg, though they don't show through her fur.
Accessoires: Kylie has metal pins inserted into her shoulders, looking like beads on the surface of her skin, reminiscent of a warrior's shoulder pad.
Cutie Mark & Talent: Instead of a cutie mark she has a brand burned into her rear, showing a muzzle with a sharp set of teeth. Unrelated to her brand though her talent is singing.
Brief background and hobbies: Kylie was born in a laboratory during experiments lead by ponies of breeding different animals together to create new races. She was released after the Equestrian government / crown cut their funding. However, being a weird mixbreed she never particulary fit in anywhere. She strolled around Equestria, trying to find a nice place to settle down. Now she arrived in Ponyville.
She began to sing early on in her life to cope living in a laboratory and being tested daily. After she was freed she stole a guitar and learnt how to play it by listening in on ponies.
Fighting Style: Speed

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Character List & Combat Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character List & Combat Rules   Character List & Combat Rules EmptySat Sep 13, 2014 3:07 pm

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Combat Type: Skill
Coat Color: Purple
Mane Color: Yellow
Many Style: Jagged
Eye Color: Green
Accessories: Flax Jacket
Cutie Mark: Cross Heart
Talent: Ability to harness all kinds of spiritual powers from speaking to the dead to healing the wounded with her powers.
Occupation: Student in college & Junior healer in training.
Relationship: No one Sad
Cold Steel (Father)
Star (Mother)
Novo (Adoptive Elder Brother)
Crimson (Adoptive Younger Sister)
Personality/Backstory: Born to a Demon Hunter & Super Model Mom, Aura develops her spiritual powers as early as 6 years old. Soon she found out that she could communicate with the dead; and relying wishes back and forth. Being full of spiritual energy, she also develops other powers such as healing.

At 13, she joined her father's organization as a Healer Trainee. She is given harsh training by her dad because Steel believes in strengthening the mind; as well as the body. However, she couldn't still fight well, and instead play a back role in any fights.

[[Current back story in progress]]

Age: 3
Gender: Female
Race: Chimera, One-third Earth pony, One-third griffon, and one-third Manticore.
Combat Type: None
Coat Color: Orange
Mane Color: Silver
Mane Style: Curly
Eye Color: Purple
Accessories: Small neck chain that shows her family
Cutie Mark: None.
Talent: None
Occupution: None
Romance Relationship: None
Family Relationship:
Raven (Elder sister)
Splice (Father)

Personality/Backstory: None, except she likes to play games and extremely attached to Aura and her family members. She adores her mother the most. She is easily scared by angry/difficult ponies and cries when being scolded.
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Character List & Combat Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character List & Combat Rules   Character List & Combat Rules EmptyThu Oct 09, 2014 1:18 pm

Name: Jet Stream
Race: Pegasus / Weredragon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Animal caretaker for Fluttershy when she's away
Appearance: Jet black, medium sized Pegasus with crimson red eyes, mane and tail, draconic pupils. Can morph between his normal Pegasus form and a black dragon with crimson spikes and eyes, growing twice his original size.
Battle style: Strength
Strengths: Strong, fast, kind (but rarely shows it)
Weaknesses: Not Sociable, hates being confused with twin brother
Family: Sonic (Twin Brother)
Cutie Mark: A red dragon and a red crimson Pegasus in a ying-yang kind of symbol

Name: Sonic Boom
Race: Peagsus
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Weather Pony
Appearance: Cyan blue, medium sized Pegasus with emerald green eyes, royal blue, sky blue and cyan blue mane and tail.
Strengths: Fast, funny, care free
Weaknesses: Annoying, laughs at bad times, finds his own stupidity hilarious, takes nothing seriously, his twin brother Jet
Battle Style: Speed
Family: Jet (Twin Brother)
Cutie Mark: A blue hurricane surrounded by emerald feathers

Name: Asteroid Ace
Race: Unicorn
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Occupation: DJ
Appearance: Orange, large in size, red, orange and gold colored mane and tail, golden eyes. Usually wears a pair of gold framed shades over his eyes.
Strengths: Good humor, great with ponies of all shapes, ages and sizes, strong
Weaknesses: Flirtatious, annoying, sometimes drunk
Battle Style: Fire Magic and strength
Family: Comet Flash (Older brother), Meteor Menace (Younger brother), Twilight Sparkle (Cousin), Shining Armor (Cousin), Star Dust (Mother: Deceased) Astros (Father: Deceased)
Cutie Mark: A golden record surrounded by flames

Name: Torrential Wave
Race: Unicorn
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Enchanted Jeweler
Appearance: Pearly white coat, medium sized, silver and aquamarine mane and tail, sapphire blue eyes, often carries a silver enchanted trident wherever he goes.
Strengths: Likeable, sweet, kind, fun to be around
Weaknesses: Overly happy, innocent
Battle Style: Aquatic magic and skill
Family: Ariel (Older Sister: Deceased), Aquarius (Father), Ociena (Mother), Rarity (Cousin/Best Customer), Sweetie Belle (Cousin)
Cutie Mark: An array of gems with a spiral of water connecting them.

Name: Lock Heart
Race: Unicorn
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: Blacksmith
Appearance: Jet black coat, a little bigger than medium sized, black and emerald green mane and tail, forest green eyes
Strengths: Calm demeanor, kind, caring, empathetic, sympathetic, strong
Weaknesses: Easily angered
Battle Style: Strength and skill
Family: None
Cutie Mark: An emerald green heart with a key hole in the center

Name: Silver Sands
Race: Unicorn
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: None (Dreams to be a Royal Guard alongside his older brother)
Appearance: Silver coat, a little taller than average stallions and silver mane and tail, beige eyes
Strengths: Kind, understanding, brave, smart
Weaknesses: Physocally weak, mute, nervous around ponies besides his brother when first meeting them.
Battle Style: Basic and sand magic, skill
Family: Obsidian Soul (Elder Brother)
Cutie Mark: A silver hourglass pouring silver sand

Name: Meteor Menace
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Occupation: None (Dreams to be the No. 1 skateboarder in Equestria)
Apperance: Grey coat, small sized, black and grey streaked mane and tail, dark purple eyes, usually carries his skateboard strapped to his back
Strengths: Kind, caring, sociable to everyone
Weaknesses: Clumsy, accident prone
Battle Style: Speed
Family: Asteroid Ace (Older adoptive brother), Comet Flash (Oldest adoptive brother), Twilight Sparkle (Adoptive Cousin) Shining Armor (Adoptive cousin), Star Dust (Mother: Deceased) Astros (Father: Deceased)
Cutie Mark: Skateboard with wings on the sides

Name: Comet Flash
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Occupation: Works with his cousin Twilight at the library in spare time, mainly works at Ponyville Hospital
Appearance: Pale blue coat, medium size, pale blue, grey and sky blue mane and tail, silver eyes
Strengths: Intelligent, kind, caring, well practiced in magical arts
Weaknesses: Physically outmatched
Battle Style: Ice and snow magic, advanced and basic magical skill
Family: Asteroid Ace (Younger brother), Meteor Menace (Youngest adopted brother), Twilight Spsrkle (Cousin), Shining Armor (Cousin), Star Dust (Mother: Deceased), Astros (Father: Deceased)
Cutie Mark: A snowflake surrounded by ice
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Character List & Combat Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character List & Combat Rules   Character List & Combat Rules Empty

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Character List & Combat Rules
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